It's usually business in the front and a party in the back. It's all business when it comes to helping a fellow New Yorker retain the title for best mullet in America.

Mullets have been around for decades. Though they have been around for a while they were never known for being trendy until recent years.

The mullet haircut is back and it is arguably more popular than it ever was.

Scott Salvadore is native to Upstate New York and owns a landscaping company. He was also crowned America's Mullet Champion. The crown is a figurative title of course because there's no way you would ever want to cover that beautiful thing up.

Mullets have been nicknamed Kentucky waterfall, the Camaro cut, the beaver paddle, and even the neck warmer. Scott calls his mullet "The Lord's Drapes" because of his strong faith. He even earned the nickname and approval from Theo Von, a comedian who has one of the most respected mullets in the community.

"You have to have rocks to grow the locks."

- Scott Salvadore 2022 USA Mullet Champion

Scott is back to defend his title and he is currently in the finals but he needs our help. You can vote for him once per day per device at this link. Scroll down to his picture (it is in alphabetical order), click on his photo and go vote.

As of now Scott is in 3rd place. We have plenty of time to help his secure a victory. The voting round ends on Friday.

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