Happy Mother's Day! I hope everyone had a nice time. So, my family actually celebrated Mother's Day last weekend instead of this weekend because I had graduations to go to. First of all, my girlfriend came down from Schenectady and we celebrated the four of us. Mom wanted to go to TGI Friday's for lunch, we hung out in Barnes and Noble for a while, saw The Fall Guy at Roosevelt Theatre in Hyde Park, and finished with dessert that my girlfriend brought. And then the next day, we enjoyed some salad, pasta and breadsticks from Olive Garden. Nothing too crazy, but Mom was more than satisfied with it all!

This weekend, I celebrated my former roommate earning his Masters on Saturday, so we spent the day with his family and his girlfriend's family. We went back to campus, showed them all around, told stories, took pictures, and had sushi and cake. And then on Sunday, we celebrated my girlfriend earning her Masters. We had a little family party back at her house which was really nice. I got to meet more of her family, we had great food, and got to celebrate Mother's Day and the graduation perfectly. Needless to say, there was a lot of love going on these last few weekends.

New York is Full of Momma's Boys

In honor of Mother’s Day, a new survey by Mixbook reveals the states where people are the closest (emotionally and geographically) to the woman who gave them life. After asking over 2,000 Americans about the time they spend with their mom, here’s what was found:

  • The states where people live closest to their moms are Florida, South Carolina, and NEW YORK! (When you think about it, Florida is like New York 2.0 because so many New Yorkers eventually move down to Florida!)
  • New York is #2 on the list of states where people live closest to their mom
  • 46% see their mom at least once a week.
  • Half of Americans live in the same city or closer to their mom.
  • 61% never Facetime their mom.
  • 15% feel their moms' limited use of technology prevents them from being closer.

Top Ways Americans Celebrate Mom on Mother's Day

So how did you celebrate Mother's Day this year? Honestly, I did a mix of all of these below, and I wouldn't be surprised if you did too.

  1. Send/Give Gift: 54%
  2. Phone Call: 39%
  3. Visit Her: 33%
  4. Take Her Out: 26%
  5. Send Flowers: 18%

Top Reasons Americans Aren't Close to Their Moms

It seems like New York doesn't have this problem as much since majority of us still live near our mom's and have a good relationship, but for those who do have a strained relationship, Mixbook was able to determine the top 5 factors why:

  1. Different Personality: 19%
  2. Unresolved Resentment or Hurt: 19%
  3. Past Trauma or Abuse: 18%
  4. Lack of Respect for Boundaries: 15%
  5. Different Values: 14%

Many of the reasons above are good indicators you may want to start therapy. Closeness to mom can mean a variety of different things. It can be a feeling of closeness through emotional or physical support. It can be knowing you can come to your mom for anything. It can be building a deeper bond with frequent communication. Or it can be spending quality time with your mom frequently, like 46% of our respondents who say they see their moms at least once a week.

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In this article you will find some of the best sweet spots that may be close to you, Indulge in the sweet flavors that defines the Hudson Valley's culinary landscape with this curated list of the region's 25 best sweets. From bakeries  in charming towns to some of the hudson valleys more busier cities.  This journey promises to tingle your taste buds and ignite your sweet tooth. 

You will be able Discover the essence of local flavors infused into every bite, as talented pastry chefs and chocolatiers draw inspiration from the Hudson Valley's rich agricultural heritage. Join me as we embark on a sugary adventure through the Hudson Valley, celebrating the diverse options of sweets that make this corner of New York a haven for dessert enthusiasts.

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While people benefit from them every single day, non-profit organizations remain one of the many overlooked key parts of communities. Within New York State alone, there are 116,834 non-profit organizations created to benefit the local communities, with over thousands of them being located within the Hudson Valley. With many focusing on multiple different needs of various communities, there are non-profits in the Hudson Valley that advocate for community, change, and growth – all for little to no direct profit. 

Non-profits rely on the support of their local communities to be able to spread their messages and widen their audiences, allowing more people to benefit from their organizations. From creative arts and wildlife explorations to support and donation centers, there are multiple non-profits located in the Hudson Valley that cater towards the needs of their respective communities to help aid in their growth.