Many Hudson Valley residents are panicked by the strange reaction to something in the area.

Since the first day of Spring, I've been spending as much time as I can outside. Having the sun finally out has felt so good and it's been awesome to be able to sit outside instead of being cooped up inside.

Something very odd happened to me the other day...

What weird reactions have people been having in the Hudson Valley?


I was sitting outside, enjoyed my time there and as the night when on I become CRAZY itchy and noticed red bumps started appearing all over me. I must have spent the whole night scratching and when I woke up it was even worse.

This about a week ago and it's just been getting worse. Not only have I not been able to stop itching, but my mouth and tongue have felt a little off. Yeah, not fun at all...

So what exactly is going on in the Hudson Valley?

According to officials, the Hudson Valley has been dealing with a spongy moth caterpillar invasion and the hairs on these moths contain a histamine that causes an allergic reaction in humans. Homeowners in the Hudson Valley have been afraid of these caterpillars hurting the trees, have squished them and this has caused an even worse reaction. This was my first thought when I saw the bumps appearing on me.

However, around the time this started I was near an area where trees were getting cut down and I thought, maybe poison ivy was on one an it got into the air?

Who else has been having weird reactions in the Hudson Valley?

A few or my neighbors also mentioned that they have been having strange reactions to "something". They are noticing the itchy red bumps all over them, have been taking Benadryl like there's no tomorrow and are very frustrated.

So here's my open letter;

Dear caterpillars or poison ivy:

Please leave us all alone. Most have been waiting months and months to be able to get outside and enjoy it, but you are ruining it. I suffer during the fall and winter just so I can enjoy the spring and summer here.

It looks very strange to be scratching all the time and to have to explain to people it's either because of caterpillars or poison ivy in the air. You get some real funny looks when you say it...

It's time for you to go, go bother another area.


A forever summer girl

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