As many of you know I am an animal lover and if I can help save a furry friend I will do anything I can. That's why I'd like to ask you, our wonderful listeners for a little help in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Every day dozens of our fur family members go missing in the Hudson Valley. No matter why or how these pets get lost it can be heartbreaking for those who love them. So lets help find these lost creatures and return them to their families.

That's the mission if a special organization called 'Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley'. I've seen tons of their posts shared across social media and decided I wanted to help too. So what i'd like to do is start a weekly post where I share some of their lost and found pet posts and I will need your help to get the word out.

As a fur parent myself I know that if my pet was lost I'd want to find them fast and I'd want as much help as I could possibly get. Thankfully with today's social media world there is more of a chance then ever to help find these pets, and find them fast. There is certainly power in numbers.

So please check back here every week and share the info about these pets. More importantly be sure to check out for a comprehensive list of lost/found pets and share, share, share. What I post is only a small part of the pets that need our help. If you recognizing one of the pets you see here or would like to report a lost/found pet please reach out directly to Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley.

Thank you in advance and lets bring these pets home!