See, I have no idea whether or not this vodka is any good; mainly because it just launched, and secondly because I have no idea how to tell good vodka from bad vodka.

But this particular vodka is "out of this world," see, because it's made by filtering the fine, fine elixir through meteorites. So the headline is a pun, see. Like, I'm playing around with common colloquialisms about being "out of this world," because this item has characteristics that associate it with things literally out of this world. Meteorites. Get it? It's clever. It's a clever headline.

Why would anyone filter vodka through meteorites, though? Well, I just don't have the answer to that. But come on, this bottle is kind of dope, right?

Outerspace Vodka
Outerspace Vodka

Apparently the whole thing, image-wise was crowdsourced. Which I guess is kind of cool, but in looking at the page it looks like they just put a $300 bounty out there for anyone who would basically come up with their entire brand. Hopefully they're just so focused on making excellent booze and that's why they couldn't expend any of their energy on making an actual brand for themselves.

I'll have Brandi try it and tell me what she thinks, she's the spirits queen.