As someone who is a bit of a movie geek, I'm always on the lookout for stories I haven't seen before. What I didn't realize is that those stories are often so close to home. The Hudson Valley is no stranger to the weird, the crazy, the paranormal... and a lot of those stories could make for a great movie. Let me give you a few examples. 

Everyone and their Mother in the Hudson Valley Saw A UFO During the 1980s. 

Apparently, over five thousand people in the area reported seeing UFOs over a four-year period in the 80's. That's pretty crazy, but it all culminates in a sighting in 1983 with a bunch of residents reporting a V-shaped formation of lights in the sky, some say the size of a whole city. This could be the next Close Encounters of the Third Kind right here.

Kipsy, the Hudson River Monster

This monster is well-known enough to have its own Wikipedia page, so there's gotta be some merit to it. There have been on-and-off sightings of this supposed monster for years. I think we could easily make Kipsy the new generation's Godzilla - first we'll think he's terrorizing the Hudson Valley, but in the sequels he'll face off against other monsters like the Kingston Klown and the Beacon Bandit.

The Germond Family Murders

In 1930, an entire family was brutally murdered in Dutchess County, and the culprit was never found. The case was mishandled from the beginning, evidence was destroyed, and they could never pin a suspect. This could be a great movie, detailing police procedure and focusing on the ones fighting against all odds to put the murderer behind bars, but never get there. It's Zodiac set during the Great Depression.

Who Made The Frost Valley Petroglyph?

There's a boulder in the Catskill Mountains with a strange spiral pattern carved into it. The area was basically undisturbed before 1995, so no one really knows how it got there. Some believe a Native American carved it hundreds of years ago, but our movie will involve aliens beaming the pattern onto the boulder in the past before beaming the same pattern in several major places across the world. They are trying to communicate with us, and we must send a team of scientists to try to talk to them, and whoops, I just made Arrival, but that's ok, because Arrival is pretty great.

Rhinebeck Haunted By A Woman In Black

Have you ever seen The Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe? Well, the town of Rhinebeck has lived through that movie for real. This has all the makings of a classic horror film: a spooky ghost, a townwide panic, a 19th century setting. Throw in a creepy clown and we'll have a hit on our hands!

Any other Hudson Valley mysteries that could make great movies? Let us know!