Thieves don't use a tube to siphon gas anymore. It's much easier for them these days and it wreaks havoc on your car.

Hudson Valley residents are spending hundreds of dollars a month now on gasoline. Getting to work and back is now an investment and some people are after it. Unfortunately, where there are hardworking and law-abiding citizens there will always be people looking to steal and take advantage of them.

Before this week, I had no idea how thieves really stole gas. I was aware of siphoning. It was a simple and effective method for years. Thieves would put a hose down your gas intake and pump gasoline from it. That's not what is happening these days.

Newer model cars have made it more difficult to have your gas siphoned out with a rubber hose. Most modern cars don't allow tubes to go in the tank anymore because they have stoppers.

Nowadays, thieves are simply going right under your car, drilling a hole in the tank, and emptying right in a gas can. You're probably wondering how someone can drill into your gas tank. Wouldn't that start a fire? Modern cars have plastic gas tanks so thieves are able to drill easily, quickly, and safely.

Most cars after 1996 have plastic gas tanks.

This leaves your tank empty and destroyed. According to RepairPal, a new replacement gas tank can cost between $1,200 to $1,400.

A YouTuber made a video demonstrating how easy it is to steal gasoline from modern cars.

Here is how thieves get it done in 2022. Check out this video.

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