The internet is abuzz about whether this video is a hoax or very, very real.

After being posted on Reddit, allegedly by the person who recorded it, this video has become a hot topic of conversation online. Is it real? And how did this guy not squeal in complete agony?

Here's the explanation from the original poster:

The dude who was hit is the teacher. He was just fine - it was a graze - not a full on partitioning. The person holding the axe is a member of staff (either an assistant principal or a hall monitor) that we asked to come help with the demonstration.

The teacher walked funny for like a couple of days and then he was just fine.

AP Physics I is fun because of stupid things like this happening.

Some people are saying that because of the abruptness of the ending and the audience's inability to see the person's face that it might be a prank, specifically one by known hoaxster Jimmy Kimmel.

Until this came along and complicated things:

So what do you think? Real, fake, extremely painful?

I guess it's a testament to Kimmel's reputation that no one believes anything on the internet anymore thanks to him.