Kids go through enough these days already at school. Do they really need two more bullies at home?

Many schools invest a lot of time and resources into anti-bullying campaigns. Unfortunately, even with all of that effort, bullying in schools will never go away. You're a dreamer if you think it will.

When you're a kid in high school you've got a lot to deal with all day at class The last thing you need is to come home and be ridiculed by your father. Your home is supposed to your home. You're supposed to feel safe and protected.

According to USA Today, CJ So Cool, a Youtuber ground up laxatives in some ice cream and fed them to his children while he video taped them crying and getting sick.

Parents publicly humiliating their children online seems to be a growing trend. Remember the guy who called his daughter out online and shot her lap top with a .45? Are these parents using their kids for some sick form of internet fame?