Hiking season is in full swing in New York, and authorities are asking adventure-seekers to pack a special piece of clothing the next time they hit the trails.

Proper gear can be the difference between a successful hiking trip and disaster. From proper footwear to enough water, there is a long list of must-haves that will help any excursion. One item, however, seems a little silly until you understand its usefulness: a funky hat.

Photo of the Shawangunk mountain range near Mohonk Mountain House
Hiker safety in New York includes wearing a bright hat on the trail (Google)

Bright Hats for Hiking Safety in New York State

The reason for a funky hat (and shirt if you can manage) doesn't have to do with ensuring a safe trip up and down a mountain, but they can come in handy for hikers who become stranded. There are countless mountaintop rescues in New York every year, with many requiring the use of helicopters to extract stranded subjects safely. A bright shiny hat might help.

Photo of hikers lost on a mountainside
Wearing bright clothing can help stranded hikers be found more easily in New York (Alpine Rescue Team via Facebook)

Bright Colors for Rescue Visibility in New York State

"Be searchable!", posted the Alpine Rescue Team on Facebook (below). The non-profit rescue organization went on to explain that bright colors, even something as small as a hat, can mean the difference between staying lost or being found when rescue teams are searching for a stranded hiker.

Important Hiking Safety Tip for New Yorkers

"One of the most important [preventative search and rescue] messages is not to wear those fashionable black or gray outer layers", agreed one commenter. "My dad bought me the most obnoxious fluorescent orange jacket and begged me to wear it when I went skiing. He was a pilot and said, “if you ever break a leg or get lost, you want people from the air to be able to see you", said another. The next time you're prepping for an excursion, wear your brightest clothing for safety. 

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