The celebrity and Rhinebeck resident has offered to buy controversial books for kids in her latest video on social media.

The State of Florida has made headlines consistently over the past few years. Schools in Florida have started to organize books in accordance with HR 1467. It's a bill that prevents teachers and school staff from giving kids books that contain explicit material. Failing to follow the guidelines could result in criminal charges.

One Hudson Valley resident had a message for kids at these schools.

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You may recognize Hillarie Burton Morgan from television. She was on TRL and starred in the popular show One Tree Hill. She also lives in the Hudson Valley and is in local charity events.

She even partnered with her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan to create their own brand of spirits here in the Hudson Valley called MF Libations.

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Hillarie is also a published author. Her book titled The Rural Diaries was published in May 2020. 

She has been very outspoken about the new controversial book legislation in Florida.

In a recent post on Instagram, she addressed the banned books and stated how the banned books are the ones kids should be interested in reading. She then went as far as to say if anyone is struggling to get their hands on a banned book to message her privately and she would try to get it to them.

Burton tagged her publishing company on Twitter and urged them to donate books. She also tried to rally other authors and publishing companies to donate as well. Many parents agree with the new legislation while others find it absurd. Burton's contention is that many of the banned books on the list are from black authors or members of LGBTQ+ community and feels the new bill is prejudiced.

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