One of the Hudson Valley's longest-running fruit and vegetable farms is on the market. Migliorelli Farm in Red Hook has been listed for sale for $2.6 million and will live on as farmland while also offering up a unique investment opportunity. A 1998 development deal with Scenic Hudson will preserve the land as a farm while the real estate listing mentions some room for construction of two additional homes on the picturesque property.

All the while, the farm remains a great source for apples, pumpkins, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables. According to their Facebook page, the farm stand at 46 Freeborn Lane in Tivoli is open seven days a week through Thanksgiving after which they switch to hours on Friday through Sunday. The Rhinebeck location is open all week long through Christmas and the Mt. Tremper farm stand is fully open year-round other than Thanksgiving Day.

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This unique property is spread out over more than 200 acres and remains a fully functioning operation. There are two lakes on the land along with a five-bedroom farmhouse, cider house, and even a brewery. From The Ground Brewery sources much of the barley they use right from the farm. Their beer garden is located at 301 Guski Road if you're looking for coordinates and will be open through the end of October, opening back up when spring rolls around.

The Miglioreli family has been running things since 1933 and the farm on its fourth generation of family farmers.

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For more information, the real estate listing can be found on

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