The pressure is on. It is time to start thinking about the family photo Christmas card. Every year I receive some amazing photo cards from friends. None of them look like the folks you get in the frames. They all look like the photo was well thought out and well planned. Yes, I get the ones from the beach vacation where everyone is in matching white t's and jeans. I also get the adorable ones with the kids around the Christmas tree which is either cleverly staged or they managed to take it the year before and no one aged.

Every year I try to compete. One year I actually had a photographer take professional photos for a holiday card. They actually turned out the worst. I can't blame the photographer, the fact is I just don't take a great photo. Hair is wrong, dog doesn't lok at the camera, tummy roll ends up being the focal point, you name it it happens. How do these folks end up with the perfect shot?

I haven't given up I am determined to get out a photo card this year and possibly include that "this is what we have been up to letter" that no one really reads. So over the next few days if you see me out with my dog and my husband attempting that perfect shot, feel free to photo bomb us because that will probably make a better photo card than anything we come up with on our own.

The only photo in the running so far. Notice we aren't in it and it is the wrong holiday theme.