You may want to think twice about swimming near the river. UPI is reporting that an escaped pet alligator was captured while swimming in the Susquehanna River Friday. A picture of the escaped reptile was posted in a Facebook group for lost pets which showed the animal floating in the river. It is uncertain how the animal escaped exactly, but reports indicate the pet was returned to its owner.

The alligator, named Oscar, was described as a "tame and legal pet alligator." Yes, alligators are legal to own as pets in Pennsylvania. You may remember this rather unique story from early 2019, where we met a York Haven man who even kept one as an emotional support animal. Guess some folks want something beyond a lap dog for a friend sometimes? Alligators as pets are illegal in New York state. WIVB says that NY Environmental Conservation Law only allows them to be kept for research or educational purposes, with a DEC permit.

Still, that doesn't stop some from keeping them in their homes. You may hear of the occasional gator sighting near local parks or even in a backyard swimming pool. Sometimes the animals are illegally trafficked to be sold on the black market. Some New York residents even thought that an alligator had made its home in an area pond, but that turned out to be a snapping turtle.

And speaking of which, did you know that snapping turtles are New York's official state reptile? Read about the fierce and resilient animals here their journey here.

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