Dad's have a lot on their plate. Fathers are the unsung heroes. Where does the state of  New York rank in affordability for hard working fathers?

It seems like Father's Day is often overlooked. Why do we not give great dads more credit? Back in the "Leave it to Beaver" days and even on through the "Brady Brunch" and "Married with Children" days it was the norm to have a working dad provide for the family. Yes, it is a sexist stereotype and most households do have two incomes.

In a scenario where maybe one partner is providing child care by staying home or maybe you are a single father you should know what states are he easiest to provide for.

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Wojciech Gajda

According to a new survey from Wallet Hub, New York ranks as the 20th best state for a father to live in. New York received a total score of about 56 out of 100. It also received an 8 for a work life balance. Child care got a rank of 23 so it definitely makes sense to stay home and watch the kids to save some money.

The top five states with the highest over all ranking are:

1. Connecticut - 72

2. Minnesota - 71

3.Vermont - 70

4. Massachusetts - 69

5. New Jersey - 68