If it's tuna salad, one would assume that it has mayonnaise in it, so I ask - how does it survive in a vending machine?

For starters, the vending machine and I have never gotten along, and it's safe to say we hate each other. Last year, they added tuna to the vending machine. I know, I know, tuna in a vending machine sounds gross off the bat.

I assumed that it was just a can of tuna with some crackers, but no, it's actually tuna salad. How does that work? Please tell me before the thoughts make me puke!

Upon further research, I discovered that they use 'heat stable mayonnaise'. What the @$%* is heat stable mayonnaise? Whatever it is, I want no part of it.

A quick Google search told me that heat stable mayonnaise is "An eggless mayo is provided that is heat stable or that is heat stable as well as freeze-thaw stable and that is all natural"...Okay I'll take your word for it.

Tuna open

I guess it makes sense, mayonnaise does sit on a shelf in a grocery store for prolong periods of time. I think it's just the fact that it's tuna salad from a vending machine that freaks me out.

So I purchased this "snack" to try it out. Two co-workers and myself each tried some of the tuna on their 'buttery crackers'. First off, it tasted sour as expected. It also tasted pickled, followed by a wave of fishiness.

Not pleasant, and I also didn't like the chunks of celery and carrots.