How green is New York State compared to the other states in the country?

Ever wonder how "green" is New York State in comparison to the rest of the country.

The analysts at Wallethub, conducted a study in which they compared all 50 states in terms of 20 key metrics that speak to the current health of the environment, and the environmental impact of residents' daily habits.

The data set ranges from total municipal solid waste per capita to energy-efficiency score to carbon-dioxide emissions per capita.

According to the findings, New York State is 2017's 8th greenest state.

Greenness of New York:

  • 15th - Air Quality
  • 7th -  Soil Quality
  • 26th - LEED- Certified building per Capita
  • 17th - % of Energy Consumption of Renewable Sources
  • 1st - Energy Consumption per Capita
  • 1st - Gasoline Consumption (in Gallons) per Capita
  • 1st - Green Transportation

It should also be noted that New York State was ranked last for Quality of Water, out of all 50 states.