There is no mystery that I am not a huge fan of squirrels. I don't mind them if they leave my yard alone and stay out of the bird feeders that I have. Recently, the squirrels in my yard had been eating their way through my garden, ripping the tomatoes off the vine and carrying them to other parts of the yard. The squirrels have also been sawing down my 8 foot tall sunflower plants.

So do I think that the squirrel population has increased? Oh heck yeah. The people who are in charge of Central Park in New York City are taking measures to have a Squirrel Census. Yes, it is their goal to count all of the squirrels in one park. The entire park has been broken down into mapped grids. Volunteers are being asked to count the squirrels that they are seeing and also make note of the interaction that they are having with humans.

Does it seem like a waste of time to pretty much reach the conclusion that there has been a rapid increase in the 'flying rodent' population?


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