A new study is out that shows how much alcohol each state consumes annually.

Digg came out with a study that compared how much alcohol each state consumed annually. The east coast came in pretty high for alcohol consumption, with three of the top 5 states. The state that consumed the most alcohol was New Hampshire, followed by Washington D.C., Delaware, Nevada, and North Dakota, respectively.

Utah was the state with the lowest amount of alcohol consumption. West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas followed, in that order. The average person in Utah drinks 1.34 gallons of alcohol each year. The average person in New Hampshire drinks 4.76 gallons of alcohol each year. New Hampshire also has no liquor tax, so that makes sense why they rank number 1.

But where does New York rank amongst all this? Not as high as I expected. New York came in as number 31 for alcohol consumption. That puts them under the halfway mark for competing states. I was surprised because New York's craft beverage industry is booming. There are so many wineries, breweries, and distilleries in New York that I expected us to rank higher on the list. I expected New York City to cause us to be higher on the list as well.