Looking for a spooky road trip and you're just not ready to let go of Halloween yet? This might be the one for you, just don't trust any hitchhikers.

If you're from the Hudson Valley, then you're most likely familiar with U.S. Route 44. A little background information, 44 starts at US 209-NY 55 in Kerhonkson, runs through Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Taking 44 from the Hudson Valley all the way to where it ends in Rehoboth, Massachusetts will not only be a beautiful ride this time of year, but it might just scare the living daylights out of you too.

According to Antique Archaeology, for the past 30 years, a redheaded hitchhiker has been tormenting those driving through route 44 in Rehoboth. Legend has it that the hitchhiker died in a terrible car accident in the area and now waits for a ride from a friendly human.

Locals will tell you not to travel on Route 44 in Rehoboth alone. One minute you'll be alone, the next minute you're looking at a six-foot, bearded man in your rearview mirror, the radio will scan randomly and end on a man hysterically laughing.

I don't think I'll be taking 44 that far any time soon. Will you?

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