Arbor Day is taking place today, April 27, 2018. What is Arobor Day? It is all about the trees, planting trees, more specifically. The Arbor Day Foundation is even helping you to do that.

There are many local Hudson Valley communities that are a part of "Tree City USA" including:

  • Millbrook
  • Kingston
  • New Paltz
  • Newburgh
  • Port Jervis
  • Poughkeepsie
  • Rhinebeck
  • Saugerties
  • Cold Spring
  • Walden
  • Warwick
  • West Point
  • Woodstock


If you become a member of the Arbor Day Foundation, they will send you ten trees to plant in your yard. If you do not have a yard or do not need the trees, you can send them to someone else so they can plant them in their yard.

Think that those ten trees are awesome and amazing? The Arbor Day Foundation, will also plant 10 trees in your honor in a forest that needs the trees and another 10 get planted in a threatened rain forest.

So you don't only plant 10 trees, because of you, 30 trees are going to be planted. FOr more information on these trees or the Arbor Day Foundation, click here. 


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