Have you never been to a beer festival? Here are some questions from a person (Lauren Alberti) who has never been to a beer fest, maybe the answers to these will help you out.

  • 1. Is there a limit to how much beer I can drink?
    You are there to sample multiple beers, in different flavors and styles. Is there a limit? You should always use the rule of moderation. If you appear to be intoxicated, you will no longer be served any beer.
  • 2. Is it a pet/kid friendly environment? 
    This is a 21 and over event. No one under the age of 21 will be admitted. Pets are also not allowed, unless they are a service animal.
  • 3. What other kinds of entertainment will be there?
    There will be live music (bands will be performing) and of course, there will be lots of people watching too!
  • 4. What should I bring with me? (Do I need cash, sunscreen, etc?) 
    You will want to bring some money to purchase food and souvenirs. As far as sunscreen, the forecast is partly cloudy and a high of 80. Sunscreen sounds like a great idea. Also, remember to wear comfortable shoes and wear comfortable clothing that you will not be upset if there is beer spilled (accidentally of course) on it.
  • 5. What can I do there if I do not want to intake alcohol? 
    There is a bottled water station as far as beverages. You will also need to enter the festival with a designated driver (DD) ticket and wear a DD bracelet during the event.

Do you have questions about what to expect at the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival that were not answered here? Visit the FAQ's on the events website.