Taking a significant step forward in addressing the urgent need for support and housing for vulnerable young adults, ages 18 through 24 in our community, Hudson River Housing has officially opened Pat’s Place, Dutchess County’s first supportive, transitional housing facility for young adults.

HUDSON RIVER HOUSING INTRODUCES PAT’S PLACE - Dutchess County’s First Transitional Living Facility for Young Adults (18 – 24)

Impact PR, Hudson River Housing Inc.
Impact PR, Hudson River Housing Inc.

This new resource will provide transitional housing for up to 24 months and deliver holistic and comprehensive services to address the residents’ spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being. The Pat’s Place program will serve young adults experiencing homelessness, those at risk of losing their housing, fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence, or those lacking the resources or support to obtain permanent housing and is designed to help these individuals as they develop the means and skills necessary to realistically enter sustainable, permanent housing within two years. 

“Pat’s Place is an example of all that we can accomplish when we work together as a community,” said Christa Hines, president and CEO of Hudson River Housing.  “This supportive housing, like all of our youth programs, will act as a haven, a true source of safety, care, and, most importantly, love for Dutchess County’s most vulnerable individuals. I cannot wait to see Pat’s Place flourish as we continue to fight to end youth homelessness.”

Located at 57 South Clinton Street in Poughkeepsie, Pat’s Place – named in honor of a staff member of over 40 years, Pat Kellett – is a voluntary, transitional supportive housing program where young adults can reside as they prepare for a successful transition to permanent housing, something central to Hudson River Housing’s mission. The site offers up to 12 private bedrooms, with a shared kitchen, living room and recreational space. 

Pat’s Place will benefit from an on-site team of staff members, who will work in tandem to develop and implement individualized plans with the residents. Staff will address residents' personal needs and goals, respond to emergencies, facilitate group workshops and activities, cook nutritional meals and provide general support.

Building on Hudson River Housing’s established partnerships, care managers will link residents to needed community services, resources and opportunities to further support them at Pat’s Place and beyond. This transformative program is committed to providing an environment of safety, trust and support between staff, residents and their peers, ultimately facilitating a positive journey toward independence. 

Pat’s Place is supported by The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, the HOME American Rescue Plan through Dutchess County, The Dyson Foundation, and other private contributions. To obtain admission to Pat’s Place or more information about its programs, please call 845-337-4407 ext. 406. 

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If interested in donating to Hudson River Housing’s 2024 Youth Services Campaign to support Pat’s Place and its other youth initiatives, please visit Hudson River Housing’s GiveLively or consider donating items from Pat’s Place Amazon Registry. 

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About Hudson River Housing

Hudson River Housing (HRH) is a non-profit organization committed to addressing homelessness and housing instability in the Hudson Valley region. With a focus on providing safe, affordable housing options and comprehensive support services, it strives to empower individuals and families to achieve stability and self-sufficiency. HRH offers a range of housing programs, including emergency shelter, transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community members, as well as various programs and services to educate and support individuals during their homeownership journey.

HRH oversees the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory and Poughkeepsie Open Kitchen, two community-centric, mixed-use spaces dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs as they jump-start their businesses. For more information, visit: www.hudsonriverhousing.org or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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