There's a unique Hudson Valley camping spot you might not have considered, but you're going to need aquatic transportation to get there. Hudson River Islands State Park offers residents a camping experience like no other but there are no docks. Larger boats must be moored offshore so a kayak or canoe would come in handy.

Facilities are located on Gay's Point and Stockport Middle Ground located in the Capital District off Coxsackie, no reservations are needed and sites are available on a first-come-first-serve basis at no charge. It's also a popular spot for day trips with a nature trail, picnic areas, and grills available.

Campers should be aware that these are fragile island ecosystems with endangered plant and animal species so care should be taken not to disturb the natural environment. The season runs from May through October.

Firewood regulations are in effect and it is illegal to bring untreated firewood from more than 50 miles away from its source. This is to protect local vegetation from potentially invasive species.

Are you ready for some island camping? There's still time left in the season.

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