Oh you thought I meant those Apple products? My bad, sorry to disappoint.  All of these apple products are locally grown and most likely under $20.

We're in the thick of apple picking season. I know it doesn't feel like it because you're probably thinking changing leaves and Halloween. However, the best time to pick apples in New York State is from July 15th (early season) to October 25th.

We have some amazing local farms with delicious apples that we can use for pies, breads, muffins and margaritas. Yes, that's right. I said margaritas.

Taking a look a Columbia County you can pick your apples (as well as cherries, peaches and pumpkins) at Fix Brother Fruit Farms on 215 White Birch Road in Hudson. Not only can you pick crispy apples, but you can picnic with amazing views.

We all know Dutchess County is filled with popular picking stops like Barton Orchard and Fishkill Farms, but have you tried Meadowbrook Farms? They're located at 29 Old Myers Corners Road in Wappingers and also have honey fresh from the hive.

After stopping by Angry Orchard in Orange County why not take a look at Pennings Orchard in Warwick? Pony rides, face painting and hayrides are all available on their 60 acres of farm land and they have 15 different varieties of apples to choose from. Did I mention there's a beer garden for the adults?

Right in the Shawangunk Mountains you'll find Tantillo's Farm Market where you can find your apples along with a side of pies, donuts, jams and local cheeses. Recently they just came out with Cider Donut Nuggets. Wouldn't you rather spend $1000 on those than a new iPhone?