If you or someone you know has a classic car in the garage collecting dust, first of all why is it sitting there collecting dust? And second of all, the Hudson Valley Film Commision reports that cars from the late 30s, 40s and early 50s of all kinds are needed for a new movie being filmed in the Hudson Valley this fall.

The Mountain is a film set in 1954 and will be filming in the area from October 23rd through November 21st. It's a paid opportunity and you should contact Gino Fortebuono at (484) 547-7423 or fortebuonog@gmail.com if you have a car that fits the bill.

The Hudson Valley Film Commission has been responsible for bringing a number of high profile movies to the area since they were founded in the year 2000. They help secure locations, find crew, cast and anything you need to get a film production off the ground.