Well, this is certainly an unexpected collaboration.

If you love beer, and you love ice cream cake shaped like whales, then you'll want to pay attention to this. Captain Lawrence Brewing Company has teamed up with Carvel to create, you guessed it, "Fudgie The Beer."

Did I ever expect Fudgie the Whale to make the transition into beer form? No, I did not. But now he has, and I support it 100%. Captain Lawrence tends to make great stuff, and it sounds like "Fudgie the Beer" is no different. It's a stout brewed with Carvel's chocolate and fudge, with an alcohol content of six percent. They say it also pairs well with smoked foods and, of course, desserts.

You'll have to take a trip to Captain Lawrence's headquarters in Elmsford to try the beer for yourself, as it's only available there. And you may have to wait a little while. The first batch has already gone on sale and it's already sold out. But the brewer is already working on a new batch, and it should be ready by June 15th.

Do you want to taste "Fudgie The Beer?"

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