The witches are back in the Hudson Valley!

With October finally here the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas are getting ready to celebrate Halloween. It's no secret that watching the 1993 cult classic Hocus Pocus is one of the most popular ways to celebrate.

It looks like you can add eating Hocus Pocus-themed ice cream to the list of ways to celebrate.

Carvel Ice Cream announced that they're bringing back their Hocus Pocus-themed shakes for 2021. For 2020, the Hocus Pocus shake was a mixture of vanilla ice cream, oreo cookies, and a green caramel sauce that looked like it was straight out of the Sanderson Sisters Caldron.

This year, Carvel decided that each sister should get their own special creation. Here's what the Hocus Pocus menu looks like according to

  • Winnie’s Glorious Cake Batter Shake: Carvel’s cake batter ice cream blended and topped with whipped cream and orange sprinkles
  • Sarah’s Chilling Churro Shake: A blend of Carvel’s Churro Crunchies and cinnamon sugar churro ice cream, and topped with whipped cream and yellow sprinkles
  • Mary’s Divine Cookies & Cream Shake: A blend of Carvel’s classic vanilla soft-serve and cookies and cream pieces, and topped with whipped cream and violet sprinkles

Thankfully, there are several Carvel locations around the Hudson Valley and Greater Danbury area. Want to enjoy Sarah's Chilling Churro Shake or Winnie's Glorious Cake Batter Shake?  Visit Carvel locations in the following towns:

Hopewell Junction
New Milford, CT
Florida, NY
Ridgefield, CT

Which shake will put its spell on you?

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