Are you in need of a job and have a sweet tooth?

There are always those jobs that have the coolest titles. The jobs you're jealous someone else has. Even if the job sucks, it's still awesome to tell people that's your title. Titles like marshmallow barista, radio DJ, and now donut chef. Believe it or not, all three of these jobs exist in the Hudson Valley, and one of them is looking to add to the list of employees.

Daddy's Donuts posted a job listing on their Facebook for a "Donut Chef". According to the post, a donut chef is a key player in making sure the donuts look and taste great. The donut chef sets the pace for the shift and mixes, cuts, proofs, and fries donuts in small batches.

In addition to leading the day, the job listing asks that you have attention to detail and are able to multitask. Daddy's Donuts is looking for a donut chef that has a friendly attitude and a team player, and you can communicate and suggest improvements when necessary. A curiosity to learn is a plus!

There's also some serious work that will need to be done, like checking equipment, calculating the number of donuts that will need to be made each day, and perform basic math. With any cooking job, and now especially during COVID-19 times, you'll be asked to check the cleanliness of the work/cook space, and submit checklists.

I said, while some of these jobs have the coolest titles, they can have some not-so-great things about them. To be a donut chef for Daddy's Donuts, you'll have to arrive for a 2:30 a.m. shift. YIKES! I thought the morning radio show was early. The post also asks that you are available for weekends and holidays. You should be comfortable with physically strenuous and repetitive tasks. They're looking for the best, so only serious and experienced candidates should apply.

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