How did this essential service vanish from the Hudson Valley?

The Hudson Valley has a lot of great things, but I'm STUNNED this service is so hard to find, seriously stunned.

I'll give you a little backstory on how this issue started. I have this amazing pair of jeans that I've had know that pair that just fits you perfectly and no matter how hard you look and search for a similar pair you just can't find it.

I might have to lay off the chocolate chip cookies because the other day I noticed a pretty big hole right on the backside of the jeans. Let's just say I felt a little breeze where I shouldn't...

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I was super bummed when I noticed the hole (and a little embarrassed), but then I figured I'll just take it to the tailor and all will be well. I used to take a lot of things to the tailor when I was younger like dance costumes, jackets, and that first dreaded bridesmaid dress. It was never a problem to find one and they always did an amazing job.

A few years ago I started noticing that it was getting more difficult to find a tailor, but thankfully I didn't need much done so I didn't really notice.

Back to the ripped pants, I've been in need of a tailor and have had the hardest time finding one. When I've called they either don't answer and some places even said that the person who was their tailor left and they haven't been able to find someone to replace them.

Why are there no more tailors? When did this happen? When did the art of fixing things go out of style?

Seriously though, why? Is it because everyone just buys new stuff?

After MUCH digging, researching, and checking online I was finally able to find someone. She is sweet, hard hard-working and mentioned how she is super busy and swamped because there are no tailors left.

It's sad to see this shortage.

Feel free to shout out to your tailor and some details on how this shortage happened.

We might not have everything here, but here's something awesome we do to help:

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