This could be your big break, a pilot for NBC is shooting in the Hudson Valley and the search is on for local actors. Manifest is a mystery thriller being filmed in Newburgh and New Windsor and needs to fill out the ranks with extras to play police officers, travelers and other people you'd see around an airport. This is a paid gig, and you'll need to provide the following information by emailing Please write 'Stewart Airport Local in the subject line.

  • Name
  • Union status, are you in? (Y/N)
  • Phone number
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Clothing Size
  • Shoe Size
  • Must provide a current picture

The premise of the show sounds like it has the potential to catch on. A plane carrying a number of passengers disappears from radar and pops back up unexpectedly five years later. The trip was instant for those on the plane, but time has passed for everyone else. The show follows the lives of those impacted by the journey. Now all they have to do is film it.

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