Someone get the holy water because this local church's sign game is absolute fire.

Call me crazy but I'm of the opinion that we should absolutely jump on any opportunity we can stop and smile or laugh if appropriate. It seems like we don't get enough chances to do that these days.

The past few months have been pretty heavy and a church here in the Hudson Valley tries to lighten the mood from time to time.

If you drive through the downtown Poughkeepsie area you're probably well aware of some the hilarious signs that the Changepoint Church displays regularly. They've had some hilarious jokes and puns posted outside for months now.

Their most recent gem was capture last week by a Hudson Valley resident passing by.

The sign reads:

Hygenesis 36:5, Rinseth thine fingers.

I attend church regularly and this isn't a chapter I'm familiar with but maybe I skipped that Sunday.

Have you seen a hilarious sign at this church before? What has been your favorite?

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