Residents of one Hudson Valley city will have to look elsewhere for their supply of sparklers should a new law be enacted. The Times Herald Record reports the Middletown city council approved a resolution banning the sale of small fireworks within city limits.

People often overlook the dangers associated with sparklers. Some burn at more than 2,000 degrees. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports sparklers account for more injuries than any other type of firework. While roman candles and bottle rockets account for 5% and 6% of injuries respectively, sparklers account for 22% of all firework related injuries.

When it comes down to getting hurt, you'll be shocked to learn far more males get hurt using all types of fireworks. The US CPSC report indicates 61% of all firework injuries occur to males doing something stupid to impress their friends. We added that last part, but the 61% part is real news.

Anyone who objects to the banning can attend a public hearing on April 5th at Mayor Joe DeStefano's office starting at 10 a.m. DeStefano will then sign the bill and it becomes law it's apparent the bill has support.