I was looking for something to blog about today and found it interesting that Hudson Valley Craigslist was on my list of sources to search for content. I’m not a Craigslist user but I figured why not? As I click my way through this online exchange of goods & services I stumble across the personals. There HAS to be some worthy content in there.

I was surprised to find a “strictly platonic” section of the personals and my eyes squinted with curiosity. It turns out there are people out there looking for friends. Non-sexual relationships are a thing some craigslist users are after and boy does it get awkward.

There is one woman in the W4M (woman for man) section simply searching for a male companion to ride the train with to work in the morning and casually grab drinks every now and then. She claims to be happily married with a great love life and isn’t looking to bump uglies on the side. My brain explodes with red flags. Other than the obvious question “why are you searching for a MALE friend?” I beg to know why can’t she just look around the train and make friendly eye contact with a stranger, perhaps strike up a conversation.

If you can’t make friends in the real world your odds of turning a digital meet & greet into a long lasting friendship are just as unlikely. Hudson Valley Craigslist is a free service and is a great source for people to buy and sell things, whether it's an old lawn chair, a rare baseball card or their own dignity.