I was out with some friends at Wilcox Park, and we were sitting at one of the picnic tables. All of a sudden, I have some kind of buzzing around us. I look around and find a couple of wasps swarming. I hopped up out of my seat and cowered away. It happened so quick that my friends were more shocked by my action than they were to seeing any wasps. Everyone got their laughs in while I shrunk away each time the wasps got near. Honestly, it probably was a hilarious sight to see me get chased around.

Not the Bees!

I think I should be more specific- I am afraid of anything that can sting me. Wasps, hornets, bees, etc. I have been for as long as I can remember. I can't help it. I actually like bees, for the most part. I understand that most bees are friendly unless perturbed, and that they play a huge role in our ecosystem. Why we need need wasps and other bugs like that is beyond me.

I found a bee in my bathroom the other day. I nearly stepped on it- it looked to be dying, and possibly stuck to the bathmat. Even then, I was scared. I put the thing out of its misery and flushed it down the toilet. I felt bad, it looked like it was really struggling.

What is the Hudson Valley Afraid Of?


So, yes, I am terrified by any bug that can sting me. After the bathroom incident, I was curious about what other silly fears people may have- anything that their friends may tease them for- and turned to our listening audience and online community. Frankly, I am surprised with how deep some of these comments got. I shared some of the comments we received below. Some are quite striking and profound. I appreciate people being so open and vulnerable.

HV Answers: What Are You Afraid of That Your Friends Find Lame?

When I came up with this question, I expected to get more silly answers like clowns or something. This ended up being a much deeper conversation than I expected

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