The Town of Montgomery will soon be home to a 40,000-square-foot distribution warehouse for the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley thanks to a major award from the state.

In an announcement on Monday, April 25th, Governor Hochul explained that thanks to the $10.7 award, this new facility in Orange County will allow for additional cold storage and sorting, and therefore benefit close to 200,000 people throughout the lower Hudson Valley who currently receive assistance from Hudson Valley-based food banks.

Her announcement went on to explain how the demand for emergency food assistance has greatly increased due to COVID-19 and the financial impact it has had on New Yorkers, and the Hudson Valley specifically.  With more residents in need of support and food assistance, the need for a larger food bank facility increased as well.

Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus shared the following about the news of the $10.7 million award:

Orange County has long considered the Food Bank an important strategic partner and I am ecstatic to hear about this important funding provided by New York State. We are grateful for everything that the Food Bank has contributed to assisting some of the most vulnerable residents in our communities and will continue to work closely with the Food Bank to ensure that residents, including many older adults, are able to obtain food.


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SDI Productions for Canva

 Where Did Funding for the New Facility Come From?

The new Food Bank of the Hudson Valley facility in the Town of Montgomery is being funded through an award made through the Community Development Block Grant CARES program.  This particular program is administered by New York State Homes and Community Renewal and supports pandemic-related health and safety issues, and focuses on improving public services.


In addition, extra funding for the project includes a $1.9 million contribution from the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley and nearly $800,000 in private donations.

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Why Does the Hudson Valley Food Bank Need a Bigger Space?

The Governor's report indicated that the increased demand for assistance caused the Hudson Valley to outgrow its current space, so the new distribution center will address the current deficiencies.  The new Montgomery facility will allow adequate space for staff and volunteers to prepare the food that goes out across the Hudson Valley.  The newly funded warehouse space will serve Orange, Ulster, Dutchess, Sullivan, and Putnam counties, with the increased capacity to obtain, store, and distribute donations to the 400 member agencies across those counties.


Brian Maher, Town of Montgomery Supervisor echoed the need for this facility and praised the team effort that was made over the past few years to make it happen.

Our team at the town worked diligently with the Village of Montgomery, the NYS Homes and Community Renewal, our partners at the Hudson Valley Food Bank and other local stakeholders and county, state and federal elected officials to ensure this day would come.  We are very proud to call Montgomery the future epicenter for local food pantries in the Hudson Valley.  This project also has had the support from our community as well and that is something that means a great deal to us.

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