Amy's Kitchen is planning to build a new $95 million food plant in the Hudson Valley, but environmental hurdles remain. In a speech today, followed by a press release on the subject, New York Senator Chuck Schumer pressed the US Army Corps of Engineers to quickly review the wetlands at the proposed plant construction site in Goshen. Amy's would be required to build on land surrounding the wetlands on the property. The Corps of Engineers are needed to determine which land is suitable to build on.

The massive meal manufacturing plant would cover more than 360,000 square feet. It's expected nearly 700 quality paying jobs would be created for Orange County residents, with the potential for an additional 300 down the line. The 200 acre site is located between Echo Road and Route 17M.

Amy's is a family owned company who sells organic and natural foods to large chains like Wal-Mart, ShopRite and others. Amy's is good for local communities because they have traditional relied on local farms to provide ingredients for their products. They have cleared several key regulatory steps and have the support of local government. They hope to break ground in the fall of '16 and would like to have the facility up and running in 2018.