Before you plan your next daytrip in the Hudson Valley, be sure to check out all that it has to offer.

Beautiful scenic drives, historical landmarks, quaint small towns and roadside attractions fill each Hudson Valley county with its own unique touch.

Activities for all ages are available within the Hudson Valley, all four seasons have something new to bring every few months. 

While some roadside attractions can be easily spotted from a main road, others may be hidden behind trees or on a property that can also be explored.

While some Hudson Valley landmarks may be noticeable from the road, others must be explored more to get the full experience.

The best part about these experiences is that they are free. Roadside attractions can also bring visitors to a town to increase local business and help educate those interested in roadside attractions and Hudson Valley landmarks.

5 of the Hudson Valley's Most Unique Giant Roadside Attractions

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Which Hudson Valley roadside attraction do you like the best? Have you visited of them before or are they on your bucket list? Share morew with us below.

5 Must See Scenic Drives In The Hudson Valley

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