With fall just days away, it's likely that you might be thinking about pulling out the big ol' bin of fall decor and Halloween decorations from the attic.  Maybe you're even wondering what you'll do to spice up the outdoor decor this year?

Wonder no more, because this item for sale on the Hudson Valley Yard Sale Facebook group is SURE to get your house noticed when it comes time for trick-or-treat 2022.

Enter what is being marketed as a 'beautiful one deadroom apartment' for sale.

Steve Nosak
Steve Nosak

1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse; Includes 'Enclosed Bed'

Like many other Hudson Valley'ers, I too get a kick out of scrolling through the local 'for sale' pages on Facebook. This post, however, caught my eye pretty quickly and I even had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

Check out this beautiful 'one deadroom' apartment for sale.  Comes with encoded bed.  This is a real casket that has not been used.

A Hudson Valley man named Steve Nosack is selling his personal vehicle, which happens to be a hearse perfectly decorated for Halloween, oh and it even includes an enclosed bed, aka, a real casket as part of the package.

The listing price is $5000 for the 28-year-old vehicle, and while I don't even know where to start when it comes to comparison pricing on vehicles that are typically purchased by funeral homes, Steve does note that it just passed NY inspection in May of 22, has a new air compressor put on for rear air shocks, and that the air conditioner was replaced in 2020....and sometimes 'works too good' - insert side glance about needing to keep temps cool inside.

Steve Nosack
Steve Nosack

The seller also notes that the graphics on the hood and sides of the hearse are vinyl wrap and can be removed with a heat gun.  He is also including a new radio and installation kit as part of the package.

But Where Exactly Did The Hearse Come From?

In speaking with Steve, who listed the unique vehicle in the Hudson Valley Yard Sale group on September 16th, I learned that he has owned the vehicle since 2019, buying the vehicle from the founders of the Halloween in Summer Festival (Utah) that was started back in 2011.

After the aforementioned festival in Utah ended, with the organizers relocating to Poughkeepsie, Steve negotiated a deal to take over the festival and the deal included the purchase of the hearse.  Steve and his wife ended up moving to Poughkeepsie after visiting the former event organizers/hearse owners and are actually trying to get the festival off the ground locally.

The event itself highlights local bands, businesses and artists, and the last one they held in 2019 had an estimated attendance of 18,000 people.

Steve Nosack
Steve Nosack
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So, Why Sell?

When I asked Steve why he was planning to sell this one-of-a-kind vehicle, he shared that though he would love to keep the car, the parking situation where he currently is in Poughkeepsie just isn't ideal.  Where they are located on the arterial, people slow down to take pictures of the eye-catching hearse, and they don't want to be the cause of an accident.

As I have told people on the Hudson Valley sites, this was our first hearse, but not our last.  When asked about driving it, we tell people it is a shame that the smoothest and most comfortable ride will usually be your last and you won't even get to enjoy it.

So, with all that being said, are you thinking about investing in this to not only add to your spooky season decorations but to turn some heads here on Hudson Valley roads?

Just when you thought we were alone here, there's another one for sale north of the Hudson Valley too!

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