Spooky season is my most and least favorite time of the year. Let me explain...

I love the idea of Halloween. I think it brings me back to that childlike excitement of getting dressed up and getting easily scared at a local haunted mansion or hayride. As I've grown older that childlike Halloween wonder has disappeared, and now I'm just scared of real-world problems like paying my bills on time.

Now that I've been thinking about it, one of my most rational fears (some may call it irrational, but whatever) is getting in my car and seeing someone in the backseat or when pulling out something popping up in my rearview mirror/back up camera.

Yesterday I had been running some errands and driving up and down Route 9 in the Wappingers Falls/ Fishkill area. Mind you this time of year I load my phone up with creepy podcast ( like Lore and Spooked, you should definitely check them out if you're into that kind of thing) so I was vibing to some scary stories during my drive.

I had just moved over to the right lane and stopped at a light. I don't know what came over me, but I decided to look in my rearview mirror.

Imagine my surprise when there was a maniacal looking clown starring back at me.

Needless to say, my heart almost shot through my chest.

Props to this creative Hudson Valley family. They gave me a scare and a laugh in a matter of seconds.

Have you seen any great Halloween decorations this year? Are you decorating your house at all? We'd love to see your pictures, share them with us in the comment section on Facebook.

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