It's likely a lifestyle that many of us can't quite wrap our heads around - living like a royal, in a palace, literal kings and queens, bowing, the whole nine...

It's been the focus of a great deal of attention these past few days, the Platinum Jubilee celebration in the United Kingdom to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 70 years on the throne.  It got me thinking about Hudson Valley royalty.

Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Let me preface this with the fact that I had to do some research to really understand the history behind this past weekend's celebrations in the UK, and using the royal family's official site as a starting point, here's what I learned.

  • Back in February 'Her Majesty The Queen' actually became the first British Monarch to achieve 70 years of service.
  • Royal Jubilees are there to celebrate the life and reign of a monarch, originating in biblical times, but recently, most closely 'associated with the Royal Family, and the ceremony and spectacle which the term symbolises'
  • King George III was the first 'recipient' of a jubilee back in 1809 marking the beginning of the 50th year if his reign.
  • This celebration, recognizing the Queen's 70th year, makes this particular celebration a Platinum Jubilee (70th anniversary = platinum)
Ozrics Cartoons for Canva, Creative Dream for Canva
Ozrics Cartoons for Canva, Creative Dream for Canva

Who Would The Hudson Valley Celebrate at a Jubilee?

While here in the US we don't have a royal family to celebrate, and therefore no big party to attend, watch from a distance, or binge-watch on tv, it got me thinking; if we could host a jubilee of sorts here in the Hudson Valley, who would we honor?

I guess there are a few different options for how we go about narrowing down our jubilee pool.

  • Hudson Valley residents that have worked to positively impact the area.  Think local officials who have done work that has greatly benefited the community.
  • Hudson Valley war veterans residing in the area that have served not only our community but our country.
  • Local business owners who have not only provided services to the area, but worked to give back to the community through charities or local community-oriented events.
  • What about local celebrities who were born and raised in the HV and have made it big, and not forgotten their local roots.  I vote for Jimmy Fallon here, hands down.

What Would A Hudson Valley Jubilee Look Like?

Based off the video footage and photos from the Royal Family celebrations this past weekend, I imagine that our Jubilee would look a little different.  For some reason, I'm picturing beer tents and food trucks, not like the Dutchess County Fair, but probably at a local farm or vineyard rather than it being outside a famous castle, though there are quite a few unique houses and mc-mansions locally. Or maybe the classic Walkway Over the Hudson style setup? I definitely see live music at our celebration, but I'm not sure if Queen or Diana Ross would come to town, probably a local band, or maybe Post Malone if he was visiting the area again for wings.

fdastudillo for Canva
fdastudillo for Canva

Also, what would we give to out-of-towners for them to have a true feel of what the Hudson Valley is like, you know, like an official Hudson Valley swag bag, what's in it?

I look forward to hearing your suggestions and forming the HV Jubilee planning committee.

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