If you're looking for some actual scary sites, look no further than our own community.

Thrillist compiled a list of the creepiest and most haunted places in America. The looked at urban legends and myths of each state to create the list. For New York State, the creepiest place to visit is right here in the Hudson Valley.

According to Thrillist, West Point Academy is the most haunted place in New York State. The United States Military Academy has been named for New York Stae because of multiple ghost sightings.

The story from Thrillist reads:

"If the Tudor-style architecture and all-around dismal creepiness of this campus don't give you the heebie-jeebies, then the school’s reported ghost sightings will. Back in 1972, cadets claimed to have seen a ghost in an antiquated school uniform, roaming around Room 4714 —a room no longer in use. Other ghost stories have made their way into the school’s colloquial chatter, most notably the ghost of former superintendent Colonel Thayer’s Irish maid, Molly, who haunts the basement of Quarters 100, tousling the bedcovers in an otherwise orderly room, and borrowing and moving guests’ possessions."

I personally have never been to West Point except for an occasional football or hockey game. So while I haven't experienced anything supernatural, I have heard multiple people call the school creepy or say it feels haunted. Do you think West Point is haunted? If so, please let us know some of your experiences. The only thing better than having the creepiest place to visit in New York be in the Hudson Valley is knowing someone who has experience with it.

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