Help is needed to find the ideal location to shoot the next Hudson Valley made feature film. A classic 1957 looking house is sought, as are a number of other sites.

The Hudson Valley Film Commission reports that this upcoming Newburgh centric project is seeking barbershop, diner, tavern police station, meat shop, and motel all from the same era. So if there are any pieces of property in your neighborhood that have that old school look, you could suggest it for the movie.

The production company seeking the locations is Choice Films, Inc. They've won multiple awards and focus energy on producing movies, TV and digital content. Their goal is to 'create new and exciting works that question, provoke, and ultimately speak to our contemporary way of live'. Whoa, that's pretty heavy.

So lets all take a trip back to the year Wham-O first introduced the Frisbee and help these folks find a place to shoot their movie. Anyone who thinks they have something that fits the 1957 era should email Ashley:

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