When you start thinking about sprucing up your home, do you go out to the curb of your home too? When was the last time that you looked at your mailbox? Did you ever notice it? Whether your mailbox is attached to your home, at the end of your driveway or has a spot on the road, there are a few guidelines (and suggestions) that the USPS has for all homeowners.

The following are both things that letter carriers recommend as well as items that the USPS (United States Postal Service) say you need to do. Keep them in mind when you want to repair or update your current mailbox. 

What should you know about your mailbox?


Did you know that your mailbox needs to be approved by the USPS? If you purchase your mailbox at a box store or online, make sure that you see somewhere on the specifications, that the new box has the approval of the USPS. If you want to make your own mailbox, take pictures of it and the measurements to your towns Postmaster and discuss it with them.

I also got a great suggestion from a friend who is a letter carrier, he suggested getting what is known as a Extra Large Mailbox, most have a 'standard' size. He says there are more and more people who are getting small packages, and this would help to get them delivered faster.

Does your name need to be on your mailbox?


While there is no legal requirement to have your name on your mailbox, there is one to have the number on it. It is suggested that you put it on both sides of the box, at least one inch high. It is also helpful to the carriers if you put the house number on the door of the mailbox, too.

Is there a certain height that your mailbox needs to be?

Yes, there is a certain height. According to the USPS.com, if your mailbox is one where you get deliveries from a carrier who is driving a vehicle, then your mailbox needs to be at least 41-45 inches from the ground.

Have a cool or different mailbox? Feel free to send us a picture, include a before and after pic if you'd like.

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