Happy 6 Months!

Today marks the beginning of my sixth month here with WRRV and Townsquare. I can't believe that five months have gone by already. I mentioned to someone the other day that I haven't even been here for six months yet, and they said it feels like I've been here longer. In all honesty, it has felt like these five months have flew by and it feels like it has been forever, all in good ways.

People You Meet Along The Way

First off, I've gotten to meet so many cool people here in the studio, and I've been lucky enough to join this terrific group of people. It is a great creative atmosphere, and I've learned so much about writing, marketing, and being on air. The baby of the studio is growing up! I'm grateful for all the events I've gotten to attend, all the new music I've gotten to showcase, and stories I have gotten to tell.

It Hasn't All Been Easy

It hasn't been easy, though. Since working here, I've had two deaths in the family that still very much impact my day to day life. Coming into the studio has been a great outlet to not exactly escape, but to channel feelings and use it as inspiration and motivation.

Showcasing Local Talent

One thing I have always loved doing is highlighting local and up-and-coming artists. I did a lot of that prior to coming to WRRV through my web series/podcast Walsh Wednesday, along with a show that I used to produce back in college called St. Rose Rocks. Since coming here, I really wanted to incorporate that into my content. I've had the pleasure with working with a number of great artists located here in New York. So, being that this is an anniversary, in a sense, I wanted to celebrate by highlighting the incredible artists I am lucky enough to call colleagues, peers, and friends.

I will be updating this list as I do more interviews with musicians, but for now, this is who I've covered. If you are an artist, are in a band, or you want to have a local artist you know highlighted, please feel free to reach out! You can always text us in the app, or feel free to email me: conor.walsh@townsquaremedia.com

Fantastic Local New York Artists You Need to Know

Today marks the beginning of my 6th month with the company. In honor, I want to highlight all the musicians that I've had the privilege to cover!

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