Can someone explain why this seems to happen a lot in the Hudson Valley?

I come from a pretty small town so aggressive driving was never a good idea. There was a high chance that if you cut someone off you'd run into them again or it was the parent of someone you knew and word would get around town that you were a crazy driver to lookout for.

It's a whole different ballgame here in the Hudson Valley. It's way bigger and I've noticed a trend that drivers do around here and I really just want to know...WHY?

What annoying habit happens here in the Hudson Valley while you're driving?


So let me explain the situation to you. You'll be driving down a main road minding your own business and someone is trying to pull out of somewhere (like a restaurant or business) onto the roadway, they just wait until the possible second and then cut out right in front of you. Just this week alone I've had this happen atleast 3 times to me (We need to do better Hudson Valley).GRRRRR

Seriously, this is why I need new brakes all the time, I'm slamming on mine all the time because of this issue.

Not only is it scary for the driver who you cut infront of last minute, but it has to be scary for the driver doing the bad deed as well because you're pretty much cutting across traffic quickly and who knows what could happen. What confuses me is before theres's ample time to pull out so why do it right before? Countless times I've seen someone pulling up inch by inch and you can tell they are trying to go, but they wait until the last second to finally do it. It's like people enjoy doing this for some reason....

I'm not trying to sound like Karen here at all, but this driving trend seems to be happening more often and more frequently. If you're one of the people that does it...PLEASE STOP.

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So the big question is why? Do you notices drivers do this around the Hudson Valley too? Share your answers with us on the station app:

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