A local orchard is putting out a call for help.

In an effort to protect their crops, Soons Orchards is begging local residents to bring them their smelliest perfume and cologne. Owners of the New Hampton orchard and farm market put their request on Facebook, reassuring their customers that it isn't a joke.

We need your stinky/unwanted perfume and cologne. Seriously! We do!

It turns out the perfume is needed to protect the orchard's pumpkin patch. Repelling deer is a challenge, and Soons Orchards believes the strong smell will give them an edge against crop-destroying deer. "Nothing works 100%," the orchard posted on its Facebook page, "but weird smells they don't like... if we can just spook them to go somewhere else more often that's a win!"

As a reward for dropping off your unwanted cologne or perfume, Soons will give anyone who makes a donation a free Idared apple. Customers seemed more than eager to hand over their smelly old perfume bottles to help the cause. Patricia O'Leary Reynolds enthusiastically replied to the post, "I have a bottle I hate! Smell gives me a headache! I'll mail it or drop it off soon." Other customers praised the orchard's resourcefulness and admired the community's willingness to help out a local business.

You can drop off those old bottles of Shalimar and Drakkar Noir at 23 Soons Circle in New Hampton. The Farm Market is open from 9am to 6pm daily.

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