The colder weeks aren't that far away, so if you were looking to stay warm while maybe packing on even more weight then you just might be in luck. Panera Bread announced a new item to its menu that's basically the evolution of one its most popular existing side dishes. Introducing the Grilled Mac & Cheese sandwich, which is really just an old cup of Panera mac n' cheese stuffed in between two two thick slices of bread. Or, as their website describes it, "thickly sliced Classic White Miche bread".

New seasonal items being added to major food chains' menus aren't really that new of a thing. In fact, Panera just added a Cinnamon Crunch Latte to their menus nationwide September 1. The new latte is the restaurant's popular cinnamon crunch bagel in coffee form. There's also the new sausage and pepperoni flatbread pizza to try. Enough of these, and we assure you'll won't be able to fit into those fall clothes from last year. Maybe dip the flatbread in one of their famed Bread Bowls?

Panera has two Poughkeepsie locations, also ones in Kingston, Fishkill, Newburgh, Mohegan Lake, Middletown, Monroe, Nanuet, White Plains and Valhalla. Plus, they also have numerous locations all through Connecticut. By the way, did anyone pick up one of their Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Hand Warmer last winter?. Yes, it looks like a Panera Bread Bowl. No, you don't actually eat the thing, unless you want to ingest fabric material. But according to some people, they work. The Bread Bowl Hand Warmer is described as kind of like a mitten, where you stick your free hand. There is a compartment that opens up on top where you place your coffee. You can use your drinking hand to hold the thing from the bottom.

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