The zodiac wheel has turned again. The stars have shifted and we are now under the sign of Scorpio. Starting October 23rd and running through November 21st we celebrate our friends born under the sign of the scorpion.


According to Scorpios are "passionate and assertive people with determination and focus". Resourcefulness is one of the many strengths. Distrust is one of the weaknesses. Scorpios prefer truth and facts so as you can imagine secrets and small talk don't fly.

Scorpios are a Water sign that's ruling planets are Pluto and Mars. Their color according to is red, not surprising if they are ruled by the red planet. Scorpios day of the week is Tuesday. So knowing all of this I have selected a few places in the Hudson Valley where t I think a Scorpio would enjoy spending time.

1 - The Hudson Valley Maritime Museum in Kingston - Scorpios being a water sign might enjoy finding out more about the Hudson Valley's maritime history. At one time the Hudson River was the many path of transportation of goods and products for our area and beyond. The history is fascinating and factual which plays right into what Scorpios enjoy.

2 - Mahoney's Irish Pub and Steakhouse in Poughkeepsie - Just about every Scorpio I know enjoys a good glass of spirits and good hearty food. A great place to get both in the Hudson Valley is at Mahoney's. Plus it is the kind of place where you can get comfortable and have a conversation. Remember Scorpios don't like small talk so you want to end up somewhere you can really dive in on a topic.

3 - Sky Dive the Ranch in Gardiner - If the Scorpio you know is true to th traits then they should be brave and fearless, two things you would need to jump out of a perfectly good plane.

Happy Birthday Scoprpio.
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