Most people don't realize that pumpkins come in all shapes, colors and sizes. We grow up being taught that pumpkins are orange but in this "much more informed" post-pandemic world the fact is people are starting to realize they might not have all the facts.

When it come to pumpkin varieties I am not an expert but I have discovered a website that has a wealth of information and pictures. So how many types of pumpkins are there in the world? The number varies depending on who you ask but I think I would agree with  who says their are one hundred types of pumpkins.

If you get a moment follow the link at Pumpkin Patch and More. There are so many types of pumpkins and to be honest some just look like gourds. Some remind you of ones you may have seen in movies, while others are just your run of the mill Jack O'Lantern. Some varieties have bumps all over them while others are so small you wonder if they are a pumpkin at all.

photo by PQ
photo by PQ

I can tell you one thing about pumpkins and that is if you plan to carve them be sure to get one you can actually stick a knife into. I once bought a Jarrahdale pumpkin (seen on the left in the photo above) not having any idea what it was, I just wanted it because it was green. What I hadn't realized was that they are impossible to carve. The squirrels didn't even try to eat it.

Happy Pumpkin Picking

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